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You can make a difference in the life of a child


We are always looking for tutors, mentors, and volunteers. Tutors work individually and/or in teams (adult and peer mentor) and spend 1 1/2 hours a week with students identified as being motivated and ready to receive academic help. Tutors really make a difference! Interactions with tutors encourage positive study habits and students appreciate having someone who listens and cares when they do their homework.

Volunteers are also needed to assist with transporting students, arranging events, making phone calls, computer tasks, etc. 


While we welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and ages, DAAWN particularly serves as a great opportunity for high school students to work with younger students and earn community service hours.


We value the extensive expertise of educators. Educators and educators-in-training can assist with our curriculum development and implementation.


If you are an educator who would like to be a weekly volunteer, please complete the application in the link below. If interested in helping with curriculum development, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

If interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer application in the link below and email the completed form to Amania Drane at




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