Ubuntu comes from the  Bantu language meaning “I am because we are.”

Mission:  To foster healing and thriving from the harm done by racial trauma.

Vision: To create an enduring legacy of hopefulness and wholeness that brings purpose and thriving.

Ubuntu House is an initiative of AALR intended to foster healing from harm done by racial trauma, build community, and inspire action.

Group Meeting


Our Goal-- To  raise $25,000 by the end of 2022. 


We have already raised a little more than $15,000 and with your help, we hope to reach our goal. Please help us reach this goal by making a donation. Every donation is appreciated. 



Our long term goal to obtain property with offices, meeting space and overnight accommodations (typically 1-3 night stays) for small retreats. This will be a space for learning about racial trauma, inner soul work, respite from mental fatigue, fellowship, and consensus-building.

Additionally, we hope to build alliances with partner organizations around the country. 

What we have been up to!

Most recently, we have been on the road holding meetings in Omaha, Nebraska and Kalamazoo, MI. See a story of our visit to Omaha here.

Summit in Kalamazoo, MI

Meeting in Omaha, NE

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