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Our vision is a community where youth reach their highest potential and become contributing members of society.



Our mission is to empower youth, especially youth of African descent, by providing opportunities for academic achievement, literacy and resiliency.


"At the dawn of a new beginning for our youth."


Newest Initiative--UBUNTU HOUSE

A Path Toward Racial Healing

“Help Us Expand Our Base by Dec. 31, 2023!”

During the next three years (by end of 2024), our goal is to find meeting space and ultimately obtain a property with offices, meeting space for one-day visits, meetings, and workshops and overnight accommodations (typically 1-3 night stays). As we build our brand, we will provide virtual and limited in-person spaces for conversation, learning, and understanding about racial trauma, skill-building to overcome generational racial trauma, and healing techniques for healing, wholeness, and thriving.

  Please help us reach this goal by making a donation.

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If you don’t ever walk through trouble, or confront a risk, or reach beyond your comfort zone, you will never meet the rest of yourself.”

                                                                       ~Dr. Vincent Harding


Ubuntu House is the newest initiative under the AALR umbrella. From the Bantu language, Ubuntu means“ I am because we are.”  The dream child and passion project of AALR president, Amania Drane, Ubuntu House seeks to provide a restorative retreat space where people can gather to experience healing from racial trauma. Click here  to learn more about our upcoming Racial Trauma Skills Training.


Vision statement:  To create an enduring legacy of hopefulness and wholeness that brings purpose and thriving.

Mission StatementTo foster healing and thriving from the harm done by racial trauma. 

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